Le Body Flight Dernière Génération

Le Body Flight Dernière Génération vient vers vous.

Notre animation vous permettra de vous démarquer que vous soyez professionnels (inauguration de l’entreprise, sortie d’un nouveau produit, meeting…) ou particuliers (mariage, anniversaire…).

Nous nous installons sur n’importe quel site (parking, parc…), monté en 45 min… nous nous engageons à vous faire vivre une expérience unique et forte en sensation.

Offrez en toute sécurité : l’expérience d’un premier vol authentique.


… Who has never dreamed of being a bird ? …

If you look for to make SENSATION in your events,

Do not hesitate any more ! WITH BODY-FLIGHT, DARE THE BIG SHIVER!

Offer, safely :



Because your success and their pleasure are OUR PRIORITIES!

Our blowers were studied and elaborated to get you the best Event, while respecting safety standards.

Of manufacturing 100 % French and 100 % home-made by his inventor and manufacturer Franck Bazin, Body-Flight was conceived after 15 years of experimence in the field of the consumer extreme attraction. Leader in the world of the attractions with strong sensations, he invented a simulator of unique free-fall to the world today.

The set is based on one semi-trailer which welcomes in its center 2 helixes with rotation against rotary press of 2,3 meters propelled by an engine of 700 CV. They provoke a 250 kph airflow. The noise pollution respects the European standards further to patented modifications.

To prepare his flight safely, the candidate dresses a harness in 4 points of fixation, a combination of flight and glasses. He is then connected with a system of elastics, conceived to measure and unique to the world: ” bungee.it system “.

This system gives the possibility to the candidate to position in front of airflow, what allows him he can fly from the first session and of he makes varied faces or static positions, this in a context of absolute safety because he will never touch the ground during all the duration of his flight.

Come to discover, without further delay, our new performances!

Goodbye on contact@body-flight.com to make of your Project one



Franck BAZIN

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